Rules & Regulations

  1. Registration will be held the morning of the event, between 7:00am-9:00am in the Shiga Highland Hotel lobby. Competitors will receive a number in consecutive order as they register. Team and individual times will be recorded when you leave for the lifts from 8:30am.
  2. Team rosters & booking fees, must be received prior to team registration on the morning of the event
    The duties of the team captain as follows:
    – Acting as contact person, making the final decisions for his/her team.
    – Submitting team rosters: making changes as necessary.
    – Supplying team results to event staff.
  4. Each competitor must be tracked by the Ski Tracks smartphone app. Please pre-install!google-play-logo Ski Tracks App iPhone
  5. No person may register for another, except (a) spouse with the same last name, (b) parents or legal guardians of children 12 years old and under.
  6. Team and individual winners will be calculated and announced at the event after party.
  7. All companies and/or individuals are eligible to enter teams, which may consist up to four skiers or snowboarders (or a mixture of skiers and snowboarders). A team may be as few as one person.
  8. Ride safely and within your ability.